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Areola Before Care

It is essential that you are not tanned when skin tone color match takes place.


Medical tattoo procedure normally requires multiple application sessions. A waiting period of 4-6 weeks between treatments must be allowed to permit the skin to heal fully.


Be prepared for the color intensity to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the procedure. The color will become softer and lighter by up to 20% as the skin heals.


A sensitivity test must be performed prior to the medical tattooing procedure.


Exfoliate the breast 2 days before appointment date.


There may be slight swelling and redness following each treatment session.


Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen 2 days prior to and after each treatment session.


Keep alcohol intake to a minimum 2 days prior to and after each treatment.


Infections can occur if you do not adhere to the aftercare instructions. You must keep area clean and medicated during the healing period as per the aftercare sheet.


As with electrolysis, the National Blood service does not accept donations of blood for 1 year after tattoo procedure.



The most common peri-areolar scars are from breast augmentation or reduction surgeries. A scar's appearance can be softened, blended, or reduced by tattooing the areola scar using corrective pigment camouflage techniques.


Areola After Care

Please leave plaster on for 7 days, plasters are shower proof.


If you get a fluid buildup like a blister, remove plaster in the shower and allow the water to wash over the artwork, pat dry and then apply the cream given and then apply a new plaster to the area. Do not let the air get to the tattooing for more than 15 mins.


Remove plaster in the shower on a day 7 then apply the cream morning and night for a further 7 days. If the skin is still a little sore you can place cling film over the tattooing to protect against your clothing.


Some redness and tenderness for 48 hours is normal. It is normal to see redness around the skin, however if this last more than 48 hours please either contact me or your doctors.


No swimming, saunas, long showers or baths for 14 days.

For 7 Days:

Boil the kettle, allow to cool and bathe the areola morning and night. After bathing the areola apply ointment and cover with food wrap/clingfilm (this stops areola from drying out).

Apply vaseline when washing or showering, remove with tissue and re apply the ointment.

Do not pick or pull at the color, it may heal patchy.

For 2 weeks avoid:

Soaps, cleaners and water wash around the area.

Moisturizers, skin cream, and makeup

Picking at art and tanning beds

Chlorine pools, jacuzzis and saunas

Hot, steamy, long showers

All aloe products

Keep using your healing cream to stop the area drying out.

*Don't be alarmed by the color of the areola. The final color cannot be judged for at least 4 weeks. Don't be alarmed by color coming off when applying ointment. Seek medical attention if you see signs of extreme redness or puss.


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