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Days 1-4 (Clean 3 times daily as instructed below):

Gently apply 2 pumps of Blue Green Foam Soap to the brows and gently remove with a soft, clean paper towel or gauze. Let brows air dry.

Apply a tiny amount of Aquatat ointment to brows. Blot away the excess. DO NOT OVERSATURATE.

Place ice packs in a sandwich bag or paper towel and apply to brows 10 minutes on/45 minutes off for the first 3-4 hours on Day 1. 

Change pillow cases the first 2 nights of healing. 

Avoid gyms, sweating, saunas, chlorine, and prolonged sun exposure for 7 days. 

Keep hair away from brows and avoid touching the tattooed skin. 

Avoid blood thinners such as: alcoholic beverages, aspirin, vitamin E, and fish oil for 7 days. 

Days 5-7 (Clean 2 times daily as instructed below): 

Continue to clean twice daily, then apply a tiny amount of Aquatat ointment after each cleanse. Blot away excess.

The brows will begin to peel. DO NOT PICK OR PULL THE SKIN. Picking will result in color loss or cause scarring. 

After the peeling has subsided, the color will start looking softer. 

Introduce the use of sunscreen after Day 7 to protect your tattoo. 

Keep your scheduled touchup appointment. 

Do not expect perfection after your initial procedure. Adjustments can be made during your touchup appointment.

In 1-3 days, the swelling should subside and color will still appear dark. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Healing is specific to each client. Color WILL fade/soften anywhere from 30-40%. At the time of your touchup procedure, we will perfect any areas that may not have retained as much pigment. This is why touchups are CRITICAL. 


No creams, makeup or mascara, or any other products on the treated area for 5 days.

Apply a sparse layer of organic coconut oil/grape seed oil/aquaphor with a clean finger or q-tip several times a day to keep liner moist. DO NOT let eyeliner dry out or scab.


NO Saline eyewash maybe used until eyes are completely healed. It will remove pigment.

Following the procedure, the area may be puffy for the first few mornings. A few options that may help/speed up healing are as follows: ice eyes often especially before bed and first thing in the morning, sleep somewhat propped up on your back, and avoid food high in sodium while the eyeliner heals. 


Clean contacts can be worn 72 hours after the procedure.



Days 1-2 Morning & Night

Place ice packs in a clean sandwich bag or paper towel and apply to lips 10 minutes on/45 minutes off for 3-4 hours. 

(Optional Day 2): Rinse with lukewarm water and blot dry with a soft paper towel or gauze.

Days 3-4 Morning & Night 

Cleanse with Blue Green Foam Soap by massaging it onto the affected area for 30 seconds. 

Apply Lip Healing Balm after each cleanse. Massage balm into affected area (If your lips are extremely dry, you may use Aquaphor ointment as well.)

Use alcohol free toothpaste and mouthwash.

Avoid hot beverages and drink all beverages through a straw. Avoid spicy, acidic, salty, and colored foods.

Do not let animals lick or brush up against the area.

Keep in mind that the area will be swollen for up to 3 days post-procedure and the color will be very bright/dark for the next few days. 

Days 5-7 Morning & Night 

Continue to cleanse with Blue Green Foam Soap and apply Lip Healing Balm after each cleanse. 

You may use regular toothpaste and mouthwash at this time.

You may introduce the use of sunscreen (or Chapstick with SPF) after Day 10.

Do not expect perfection after the initial procedure. Minor adjustments may be made during the touchup and are normal.



Do not rub or scratch the skin with your fingers or makeup brushes.

Avoid wearing clothes that could scratch the affected area. 

Avoid sweating on Day 1 (no sauna, swimming, or exercise). 

LIP TATTOO REMOVALS: Smoking is not allowed until 30 minutes after your tattoo removal session. 

Do not apply any foundation, powder, hydrating creams, sunscreen, etc. to the affected area for at least ONE WEEK. 

Clean the affected area with water and natural soap/baby soap as needed. 

The Scarcare or Aftercare gel may be purchased. Apply it over the affected area every night following your procedure as follows: 

               -BODY TATTOO REMOVAL: apply 3 times per day for 1 week 

               -COSMETIC TATTOO REMOVAL: apply 2-3 times per day for 1 week 

The treatment area can be re-pigmented after a good recovery period of at least 3 months for cosmetic tattoo removal, and up to 6 months for body tattoo removal. However, the skin recovery process will vary from person to person. 

If any unexpected problems arise during the healing process, even after you have followed all of the aftercare instructions, please contact a doctor. 

You can return for another tattoo removal session every 2 weeks. 

Areola Aftercare

Please leave plaster on for 7 days, plasters are shower proof.


If you get a fluid buildup like a blister, remove plaster in the shower and allow the water to wash over the artwork, pat dry and then apply the cream given and then apply a new plaster to the area. Do not let the air get to the tattooing for more than 15 mins.


Remove plaster in the shower on a day 7 then apply the cream morning and night for a further 7 days. If the skin is still a little sore you can place cling film over the tattooing to protect against your clothing.


Some redness and tenderness for 48 hours is normal. It is normal to see redness around the skin, however if this last more than 48 hours please either contact me or your doctors.


No swimming, saunas, long showers or baths for 14 days.

For 7 Days:

Boil the kettle, allow to cool and bathe the areola morning and night. After bathing the areola apply ointment and cover with food wrap/clingfilm (this stops areola from drying out).

Apply vaseline when washing or showering, remove with tissue and re apply the ointment.

Do not pick or pull at the color, it may heal patchy.

For 2 weeks avoid:

Soaps, cleaners and water wash around the area.

Moisturizers, skin cream, and makeup

Picking at art and tanning beds

Chlorine pools, jacuzzis and saunas

Hot, steamy, long showers

All aloe products

Keep using your healing cream to stop the area drying out.

*Don't be alarmed by the color of the areola. The final color cannot be judged for at least 4 weeks. Don't be alarmed by color coming off when applying ointment. Seek medical attention if you see signs of extreme redness or puss.



Permanent make-up procedures are affected by the canvas (your skin) that they are preformed on, if your skin is sun damaged, thick and uneven in texture, or excessively dry or oily you will not get perfect results after the initial procedure.

Scars on the lips from fever blisters cause pigment removal. Lifestyle medications, smoking, facial surgery, and age of skin all contribute to the fading of pigment.

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